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I love to receive  my watercolour paper in a big plastic carry bag - I much prefer buying it this way than in pads as it's very large and I can cut it down into the sized I want to use. I also are then able to use the large plastic bag to make mono prints! The thick cellophane of the bag is perfect for slapping a load of paint on then drawing into it and making a print. (I must make a video abut this!)  Here are four recent prints made by this technique. I usually add extra layers of paint and drawn detailing with drawing pens on top of the base print, and I really love the effect it gives me. You have the gorgeous brush marks left by the application of the paint as well as the print of the drawn details, which I usually do with the end of a brush (non brush end). If you use oil based paint and a roller to make your prints, you won't get the nuance of every brush mark, which I think adds to the dynamism of this type of work.      

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