Cardboard Is Great For Artwork!

I am very lucky, as my landlord is a builder, and he always provides me with plenty of cardboard to use for packing my artwork when I send it out. However this week he has given me a brilliant flat box which came around those large shower cubicle panels. It's in such pristine condition and of such good quality card, that I cannot bear to use the box just for packing material.

Therefore I have cut it into various sized panels from 9 x 12 inches to 12 x 15 inches, and I got all the above, a whopping 22 panels, from the one box! All I need to do now, is either simply prime, or put a layer of paper over (papier mache style, with PVA glue) for superb grounds to work on.

I do quite a few works on cardboard - see photos below - as I really enjoy the authentic, raw look you get. Also, obviously, you can work quite thick on cardboard with paint and collage etc, more successfully than on ordinary paper often. Anyway, thanks Steve ..... you know where I am if you want to offload any more of these amazing boxes!



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