Getting My Act Together

I've done it again, darnit! Left it weeks between blog posts. Every time I post something, I vow I won't leave such a long gap next time. Guilty again unfortunately .....

So what have I been up to recently?

Well apart from creating new artworks, which I WILL share with you over the next few days, I finished the 'Crocs Splash' which I did to sort of mask all the paint splashes that I managed to accumulate on my 'wear every day' Crocs. I figured if I were to cover the whole things with splashes, it would look more deliberate ... LOL. You can see by the photo that they probably need a few more colours adding. I will get round to that .... sometime!

I have also, for the same reason, had a go at altering one of my T shirts in order to, again, mask the paint splashes that accumulate on my clothing all the time. I have about 8 black T shirts and 7 of them have paint splashes and splatters! Therefore I had a bit of an experiment with one, by attacking it with bleach and then adding even more splashes. I love the finished effect to be honest. I am wearing the T shirt right now, and have already been asked to do one for someone else ;-)


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