Variations On A Theme

 I did an experiment this week using a print of one of my older artworks which I really loved (and still do.) This artwork above sold years ago, but I do sell the occasional small print of it. The original was tiny - probably about 5 x 7 inches, but it's so vibrant, vigourous and colourful with an authentic scrappiness which I adore.  

I therefore decided to use do some more artworks based on this image - variations on a theme, if you like. By loosely basing some more artworks on one particular image I wanted to see what I would produce. Would repeating an image over and over result in three boring artworks, or would the repetition provide some startling or successful new works? 

Below are the images of the three new artworks I created. The first one is a large 20 x 20 inch canvas and the other two are 10 x 12 inch canvasses.

I textured all the canvasses before starting - something which I tend to do as a matter of course these days. I just love rough, raw surfaces - they look grungey and raw and they are great to work on as trying to work on a bumpy surface gives colour and line nuances which you just don't get on a flat surface.

I think the experiment was successful certainly. All three artworks, although based on a theme, stand in their own right I believe. The first piece is obviously most like the original, but still very different in many ways. I have got lots of deep rich colour into all the paintings and I think I am definitely going to do this again. Working on all three together and having them all based on the original image has enabled me to produce strong pieces which hang together, being on a theme, but which still stand in their won right. 

They are available on my website at   


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