Sticking To One Style?


I have just been reading an article called "How Developing a Strong Style and Laser-Like Focus is One of the Most Important Things you can do for Your Fine Art Career". The article is from a gallery owner's perspective and it's interesting in that respect. However galleries have never beaten a path to my door, any of my working styles have never really been mainstream enough to enable me to get gallery representation ........ GOOD! I am, and have virtually always been a self representing artist and have never only painted in one style, and I will NEVER only paint in one style. I am never going to catch the eye of a gallery, plus being self representing has done alright for me for the last 22 years. 

Being 'laser-like' for me would be the certain death of my creativity. I NEED to SOMETIMES make rough art brut style 'monsters' I NEED to SOMETIMES work in funky watercolour and line style, I NEED to SOMETIMES express myself via abstract pieces, I NEED to SOMETIMES make political or feminist collages when I am in spired to do so. 

I am never going to be a 'famous artist' in the art market sense, but my collectors love my work and I love making it. That's all that matters in my world. 


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