Where Did The Summer Go?

Goodness, almost three months since I made a post! Crazy. What happened? Where did the time go? Well I suppose some of it has been spent developing my new line of original collage abstract artworks, which at some point I'm hoping to turn into furnishing fabrics. I've also been doing some furniture and home decor objects upcycling ... and just all the usual stuff. If only there were 48 hours in a day huh? Will hopefully get back to posting a bit more regularly now things have settled down a bit. Here's a couple of old figurines which I have given a graffiti look. I think they look really cool!

Anyway, gotta dash. Out this morning to buy about 150 Xmas card blanks as I have started on my designs and need to get them all made up now .... only I ran right out of red and green cards! Will post some pictures of my card range in the week when I've done some more ;-) See you later!


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