Collage With Recycling

As you me know, I'm a bit of a renaissance woman and I tend to be creative in quite a few different genres. Sometimes I'm creating quirky folk art, sometimes I'm painting and upcycling furniture, I also like to create highly colourful mid century style abstract collages using my own painted and printed papers. At other times I am painting large ink abstracts.

This week I have been working on some really unusual textured, minimal, mixed media abstract artworks. For these, I like to use old cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials, offcuts from previous discarded artworks, or bits of trash that would usually go in the bin. Add to this some snippets of text from vintage magazines or newspapers and you have something unusual and quite beautiful.

These pieces have a definite 'grunge' look to them with their torn collage pieces, textured surfaces and paint splashes, However, I always like to finish these pieces with the glossiest of gloss varnish, which makes the colours and surface nuances really sing out. Created on thick card and cardboard pieces, taken from actual cardboard packing boxes, these paintings have an authentic, chunky feel to them. At 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches and 6 x 8 inches, I have these works plus several similar pieces. At £18.95 each, please CONTACT for availability  


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